IT Infrastructure

Installation, initialization and maintenance

We do the evaluation, planning and making production infrastructure required by your organization, this may be hybrid or distributed according to your needs.

Including measures and actions to ensure business continuity plan and disaster recovery.

Taking into account factors such as scalability, energy saving, high availability, security and cost.



Connect your company with the business world.

Keep productivity, connectivity and mobility of its employees via secure wired or wireless networks. We provide the most advanced technology for data connections and voice that will enable your company to form private networks for communications required.



On-site backups - Cloud Backup.

Your company needs a comprehensive data protection that helps you quickly recover from system outages and data loss before downtime negatively affects business operations or customer relations.

We are specialists in backups, with own servers, connectivity, reliability and capacity, adapting to their requirements.


Why Choose Us?

Some reasons why you should choose our services.

Reduce your costs

We adapt to every need, and we assure you get a much higher cost estimates that reflect our results.

Custom support

Our support is fully customized and is always ready to provide an adequate solution, always taking the necessary time to each requirement

National and international presence

Whether through our remote or presence services, we can support you regardless of location or size of your company.

Technological forefront

We have an interdisciplinary team of professionals to which they are constantly provides training and certification. In order to bring the latest technology to UD and unmatched resolution.

Security at your data

Our professional services will give you the security that your company and your data needs. Allowing your organization to manage and protect their sensitive data and private quickly and easily.

Hire professionals

Put your business in the hands of professionals who will ensure quality work. We have extensive experience in providing high level solutions to a wide range of companies and organizations.

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